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Video: Liquid Logistics Sea kayaking Day

Over the summer I spent several days working alongside staff from Liquid Logistics as part of my 4* preparation and coach reinstatement process. On one of the sea kayaking day trips, guiding a group of 6 or so clients, we had a...

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Interview With Derek C Hutchinson

The name Derek C Hutchinson is one familiar to generations of sea kayakers and there is no denying his huge influence on Sea Kayaking around the world. It’s certainly a name I remember from my childhood, sitting looking...

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Video: Testing The Buoyancy of A PFD

I came across this video clip via Owen from Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking. It shows Pete Astles, owner of Peak UK, demonstrating how to test the amount of buoyancy in a buoyancy aid. He makes it all look very simple and it’s...

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Lymington RNLI Search & Rescue Video

The following, short video clip has been posted by the RNLI and shows the Helmet Camera footage from one of the crew during the recent training exercise with New Forest Kayak and Canoe Club. Public Relations Officer Isla...

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