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Video: Liquid Logistics Sea kayaking Day

Over the summer I spent several days working alongside staff from Liquid Logistics as part of my 4* preparation and coach reinstatement process. On one of the sea kayaking day trips, guiding a group of 6 or so clients, we had a...

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Interview With Derek C Hutchinson

The name Derek C Hutchinson is one familiar to generations of sea kayakers and there is no denying his huge influence on Sea Kayaking around the world. It’s certainly a name I remember from my childhood, sitting looking...

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Video: Testing The Buoyancy of A PFD

I came across this video clip via Owen from Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking. It shows Pete Astles, owner of Peak UK, demonstrating how to test the amount of buoyancy in a buoyancy aid. He makes it all look very simple and it’s...

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