Category: Equipment

Review: Peak UK Towline

The Peak UK Towline is a 15m towline system with the ability to be waist or deck mounted. It features a webbing waist belt with quick release buckle. The bag element is a large shaped pouch akin to a walking/mountain biking bum...

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Review: Tahe Marine Greenland T

Last year, I spent some time I spent a few weeks paddling the Tahe Marine Greenland T for an Ocean Paddler Magazine review. Rich, the Editor, has kindly let me republish my review here. About the test: paddling conditions and...

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Review: Valley Aquanaut HV RM

This ‘Guest Review’ which was kindly written by Sean Smith, better known to many as ‘Fat Paddler‘. You can find out more about Sean at the end of the review: Introduction There are many dozens of...

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Energiser Glowsticks

I’ll start this with a quick question – are these any use for a sea kayaker who ventures out after dusk? My honest answer is I’m not sure. These are simple LED lightsticks, one red and one green, running off 3...

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