Category: Techniques

Technique: Bow Rudder – Doug Cooper

This video is provided by the excellent Outdoor Activity publisher Pesda Press and designed to be used in conjunction with the highly recommended book Sea Kayak Handling by Doug Cooper (reviewed here). It features a nice top...

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Technique: Scoop Rescue

The scoop rescue is used to aid an exhausted or injured paddler back into a sea kayak when they are unable to assist the rescuer in the process. It involves holding the sea kayaking on its side, half full of water and then...

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Balance Exercises

I’m spending a bit of time at the end of each training session playing with balance exercises before I get stuck into self rescue and rolling drills. Last Sunday I shot a bit of footage using my iPhone which I thought I...

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Keel Strips

When I got hold of my Cetus, I was lucky in that it came fitted with a keel strip in place as it was originally destined to be a demo boat. For those paddler’s ordering a new boat, a keel strip is usually an optional extra...

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