Isle of Wight Canoe ClubThe Isle of Wight canoe club is a relatively new club being founded in its latest form in 2007.

They hold regular pool sessions during the winter and organised trips and events throughout the year.

Their paddle pathway is designed to help paddlers of all ages and abilities reach their personal goals.

Although the club does not have a club house as such and are internet based, they do have a site for club boat storage in Yarmouth. The clubs website is the place to visit for information on activities and events.

Members and non-members interested in the IOWCC’s activities can sign up to the forum for up to the minute discussion and details of happenings.

Having paddled with a number of the IOWCC members over the last couple of years through work with Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking I can testify to just how friendly and welcoming a bunch they are.

Isle Of Wight Canoe Club Details

Isle of Wight Canoe Club – IOWCC website