UPDATE: Since writing this post, the number of mortar bombs found on Calshot Beach has risen to 87! The Royal Navy Bomb Disposal Team working on the situation are stacking the bombs 300m offshore at Low Tide with the aim of detonating them at High Tide. As of today, 26th March, the team are continuing to search the area to locate another further devices and ensure the beach is left safe – an unenviable and time consuming task!

Original Post: Worryingly, one of my frequent launch points was closed today as Royal Navy Bomb Disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on 6 WWII bombs which were washed up on the beach.

The BBC is reporting that the bombs are thought to have been dredged up by fishing nets and having been discovered on Tuesday Night, were left to be recovered by the tide while a 1000m exclusion zone was set up around Calshot activities centre and the Coastguard Tower. The bombs were destroyed whilst still covered by the high tide.

Could have been an interesting and somewhat ‘dynamic’ beach landing if I’d run over one of them!

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