So the 1st of December is upon us and only 24 shopping days left until Christmas! Following the success of last years ‘Christmas Gift Ideas‘ post I thought it would be good to take a look at some gift ideas for Christmas 2010.

As with last years post, the self imposed rule of relatively ‘affordable’ remains true, therefore there are no Carbon layup Sea kayaks in the list. With any list other folks will have their own ideas and suggestions so please feel free to comment on the post and add your thoughts.

1. Peak Adventure Zip PFD

A superb buoyancy aid which I reviewed and have used constantly this year. A superb combination of pocket layout, hard wearing fabric and comfortable fit. £119

Available here

2. Lomo Cockpit Cover

Great for keeping out rain, bugs, leaves and other rubbish if you kayak is stored outside and for use when the boat is in transit. Reviewed here and very affordable at £15

Available here (scroll down to Cockpit Cover)

3. Lomo Kayak Straps

A great stocking filler and always good to have a set around. Cheap, no nonsense straps that do the job well and a superb price at £3.50

Available here

4. Silva 70P Compass

A great upgrade for your Sea Kayak. I fitted one last year and wrote up the steps I took to fit it. If you have a basic ability at DIY fitting it yourself can save you around £70 compared to having the compass factory fitted by most manufacturers. £70

Available here

5. Jeff Allen’s Tow Throw System

As with last years list, this is a blatant hint to my family! This combined throwline/towing system has been devised by Level 5 Sea Kayak Coach and expedition paddler Jeff Allen and received an excellent review in issue 23 of Ocean Paddler Magazine. Available in a range of lengths directly from Jeff at Sea kayak Cornwall. Cost: from £72.50

Available Here

6. Helly Hansen Lifa Thermals

I’ve been using Helly Hansen thermals since the early 1980’s and despite trying a huge range of other thermals still love and use Helly Hansen regularly. Costwold Outdoors currently have a great deal on a long sleeve crew neck and leggings combo for £30

Available here

7. Ocean Paddler Magazine Subscription

This excellent Sea Kayaking magazine is available as either a print subscription or now as a digital download and features some excellent articles from some superb paddlers. The magazine has gone from strength to strength this year and is always an inspirational read. £10 for a 6 issue digital subscription or £30 for a 6 issue print subscription plus access to the digital back catalogue. £10-£30

Available here

8. Reed Spraydeck

Reed has gathered an increasing customer base who praise their spraydecks for comfort and water-tightness. Available in a range of designs including one version with an innovative ‘bale hole’. Various customisations can be added at order such as map rings and detachable braces and the opportunity to specify boat/cockpit size for a perfect fit. £various

Available here

9. Kayalu Kayalite

Regular readers of this site will be aware of my love of this superb deck light. I reviewed it last year and have used and abused it on a huge number of paddles and it is still going strong. As a quick teaser, look out for the forthcoming review of their new front deck light system in a future article! Cost: £34.95

Available here

10. Greenland Paddle

High on my list of things to master next year is use of a Greenland Paddle. Whilst I would never be without my modern carbon, bent shaft paddles, there is something romantic about using a beautiful traditional wooden paddle. Highly recommended are Adanac Paddles built by the talented Jill Ellis in Ontario, Canada. Take a look at the reviews here and here by Australian Sea kayaker Sean Smith (aka Fat Paddler). In the UK it is also worth taking a look at Anglesey Stick. Cost: Various depending on paddle size/design £Various

Available here

11. Kayak Essentials DVD

An excellent instructional/technique based DVD from UK coaches Nick Cunliffe and Matt Giblin. As opposed to being Sea Kayak specific, this DVD focuses on the foundation kayaking skills that underpin more advanced performance in rough water be it on the river or the sea. We have a review coming soon! Cost £19.95

Available here

12. PLB or EPIRB

Alongside a handheld VHF, mobiles and flares an EPIRB or PLB is fast becoming considered an essential piece of safety kit. highly recommended are the McMurdo Fastfind units which have received a some very positive comments/reviews. £200+

Available here (Scroll to bottom of the page)

Do you have something to add? Please feel free to leave a comment. If you could add a link and/or price as well I am sure it would be appreciated by other readers. Happy Christmas shopping!!

Update: Bryan Hansel of Paddling Light website has just released a round up of his favourite kit from 2010 which might also provide some inspiration!