Mobile Editing

Mobile Editing

Simon Willis, has posted the video shot at the recent Tay Descent.

Simon and a small team videoed the 400 or so participants as they took part in the event then Simon headed back to his Travelodge room and spent the night editing the video so it could be shown at 12:30pm on a large screen at the Paddle 2010 Canoe Show in Perth.

It’s a really enjoyable watch – not directly Sea Kayak related other than a few paddlers who used Sea kayaks for the descent but it’s a fantastic advert for the diverse nature of paddle sports featuring a huge range of paddle sports craft and a huge variety of paddlers.

It’s also brilliant to see how Simon, can use his knowledge and expertise filming paddlesports (and other adventure activities) to turn around a high class film in super quick time.

SCA Tay Descent from Simon Willis on Vimeo.