Simon And Gordon

Simon And Gordon

Those of you who subscribe to Simon Willis’s Sea Kayak Podcasts will be aware that he and Sea Kayak coach Gordon Brown are currently working on a follow up to the highly successful Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown DVD.

Simon has released the following information:

I’m currently shooting & editing the second volume of the DVD Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown – Rescues, rough water & staying safe.

I’ve kept a video diary throughout and each month I’ll publish an update as a Podcast. These will show behind the scenes, out-takes and clips from the finished product.

I will also try to add fresh audio podcasts as normal mid-way through each month – if I have time.

I’ve been lucky enough to see a few bits and pieces of pre-production footage and even from just these I have picked up several salient tips and ideas which will prove very, very useful on my upcoming courses.

The official press release is due on 1st May and will contain detailed information on content, release date and Simon’s video diaries.

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