One forum I enjoy visiting is the UK Sea Kayak Guidebook. It’s well worth visiting and more than that participating. Fantastic advice, thoughts and discussions from a welcoming community. A couple of interesting threads are running at the moment and I thought I would share the ones that caught my eye this week.

Edging – the original poster asked the question “..would someone wouldn’t mind expanding this into how edging works” and some fantastic replies have been posted.

What to wear? – in this thread, the poster was looking for information on what to wear for a UK based paddling course in November.

Which Spraydeck? – Obviously a question about purchasing a new spraydeck, but interesting to see how many times the make Reed Chillcheater crops up as the preferred option.

Handheld VHF – Various Questions? – An interesting discussion on a range of aspects involved in selecting, purchasing and using a VHF.