The latest issue of Ocean Paddler Magazine is about to hit your local Kayak shop. For subscribers, digital links have just been emailed out with the printed copy landing on doorsteps shortly.

Issue 27 has the usual range of articles and reviews whilst the digital issue has a bumper 30 extra pages of content. Included articles are:

  1. Sea Of Cortez – Ginni Callahan
  2. Heart of the Cullin Mountains – Dr Douglas Wilcox
  3. Around Ireland – Jeff Allen
  4. Going Hard: Alpinistic Approach To Sea Kayaking – Jeff Allen
  5. Interview Eila Wilkinson
  6. Preventing Sea Kayaking Injuries – Lars Jaderstrom
  7. Nigel Fosters Encounters – Nigel Foster
  8. Essential Courses III: 4* Training – Duncan Smith
  9. Technique: The Pop out – Simon Osbourne

As well as writing the Essential Courses article on the BCU 4* Sea Kayak Training article, which involved some interesting interviews with a range of high level BCU coaches, I’ve also got a couple of reviews in this issue:

  1. Valley Etain 17-5 & Valley Etain RM
  2. Werner Corryvrecken and Werner Shuna Paddles

Look out for a cracking competition from Valley which could make you the proud owner of a Valley Etain RM kayak as well as a stunning cover image from superb outdoor photographer and paddler Bryan Hansel.

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