The latest issue of Ocean Paddler Magazine is hitting door mats around the UK at the moment, with the links emailed out for the various online versions plus a ‘play the sea’ buyers guide. It contains the usual diverse range of sea kayaking related articles and reviews. Some nice destinations are featured this issue including St Kilda which after seeing the footage in the second ‘Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown‘ DVD is rapidly becoming a must visit destination for me.

Other highlights are a cracking article on ‘Rough Water Handling’ by Nick Cunliffe and one entitled ‘Sea Survival Revisited’ from Jeff Allen. Greenland Paddle enthusiasts will enjoy the cover image this issue which depicts them in use in some nice rough conditions.

My own little contribution this issue is in the form of a review and an article on the BCU 4* Assessment which is featured in the digital version. For those folks who subscribe to the paper copy it is always worth checking the digital edition as well as it contains extra content.

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