It’s been a really interesting time to be involved with Ocean Paddler Magazine as Richard Parkin the Owner/Editor of the magazine has been hard at work with several changes, updates and new developments.

Magazine Redesign

First up is the new look for the magazine. Issue 30 saw a pretty hefty redesign with a new logo, refresh of the content design and the use of a new environmentally friendly paper for the printing process.

Having seen bits and pieces of the proof work I was really interested to get my hands on a physical copy to see how all the things Rich had been discussing.

Personally I’m really impressed with how its all come together and I love the new styling. Daniel Bowes continues to do a great job with the design.

iPhone & iPad Apps

A long time in discussion and development but the magazine now has an iPhone/iPad app to expand the digital offerings.

The application can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store and then individual copies of the magazine or subscriptions can be purchased through the app, including back copies.

I’ve downloaded the app and bought a copy of issue 30 to test it out and it works exactly as you would expect – scrolling though the pages is nice and smooth and the tap to zoom or finger pinch to expand works perfectly. Digital copies include clickable links and embedded videos (an area I know Rich is keen to expand) providing quick access to extra information.

New Website

One of the areas I’ve been more directly involved with is providing a redesign for the website. The last iteration of the site was a temporary ‘quick-fix’ to get the site moved over to WordPress.

With the new Paddle Press Media logo, new Ocean Paddler Logo and redesign and now the iApps, it seemed like a perfect time to redesign the website and try and give it a fresh clean look.

The one aspect we are working on at the moment is the revised ‘shop’ which should make it much easier for folks to make purchases or subscribe to the magazine through as well as expand the range of Ocean Paddler goodies for sale.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, it’s very difficult for me to make an objective comment with regard to Ocean Paddler being a small part of the team but I would certainly encourage folks to take a look at all the new stuff over at the Paddle Press Media Website.