On display at the recent OR Show in Salt Lake City Utah was a prototype of the new P&H Hammer. This kayak appears to combine features from both whitewater kayaks and sea kayaks in a very interesting cross-over/fusion boat. The short video below explains some of the key features and thoughts behind the design.

P&H describe the Hammer as:

…the next generation in our Play the Sea category, influenced by the Delphin with some creative new design thinking, white water edges, creek style volume and touring length, there are certainly some refinements to be made but is going to be a really exciting addition to the line up.

P&H Hammer

With the success of the P&H Delphin and interest shown in Valley’s new ‘play sea kayak’, the Valley Gemini SP, P&H are certainly tapping into a growing market.


Planning Hull and Progressive Rocker – Super manoeuvrable for surfing and rock gardening.
Whitewater Edges – For precise control in turbulent water and to carve across surf.
Unique Bow Profile -Volume allows Hammer to ride high over waves and carve across surf.
Construction – Single skin, roto-mouldeded white water shell for impact resistance.
Integral Skeg – Improves tracking on the flat and increases sea faring capabilities.
4 Hatches – Lots of space for overnight trips or filming equipment.
Outfitting – Connect outfitting with adjustable backrest, hip pads and ratchet adjustable thigh grips.
Deck Features – Security point, deck lines & carry handles.
Full Plate Footrest – Secure footrest for extreme conditions.

P&H Hammer Images

A few images of the new P&H Hammer prototype on display at the OR Show. Click any image to see a larger version.

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