Mike Holgate has been hard at work, with the aid of a number of contributers, putting together a new digital magazine/newsletter which is available for free download from the Qajaquk.org website. The spring issue of Qajaquk Magazine make for some interesting reading and is very much a grass roots affair.

It’s great to see Mike pushing to raise the profile of traditional or Greenland style of paddling through the website and magazine and although very much in it’s infancy at the moment, Mike has big plans for both the site and magazine.

My aim is for this to be a non-profit making organisation and eventually becoming a charity in the same way as organisations such as Qajaqusa. To do this I need your help.

It’s also great to see some local names from the Solent/Dorset area featuring in the magazine. If you would be interested in getting invovled please let Mike know by dropping him an email here.


Qajaquk Website – Qajaquk Website and Magazine Download