A revised skeg slider system for P&H sea kayaks was announced at the Outdoor Retailers show. There have been well documented issues over the past few years with the first version of P&H’s skeg slider system. P&H have worked hard at rectifying the issue and providing support for owners experiencing issues. They have also been very transparent at discussing the problems which is great to see.

New P&H Skeg Slider System

As an owner of a P&H Cetus I did suffer from a broken skeg slider control, unfortunately during the first week of having bought the boat. I documented my problems at the time in a blogpost and received very prompt and helpful support from P&H when I contacted them. However, I opted for an alternative solution (a Kari-tek Hydro-skeg). My reason for this was that in the original P&H skeg slider control the bar and pinch grip control were in a sealed unit. When my pinch grip stuck and then snapped when I tried to release it the only option was to return the kayak to P&H to have the sealed unit cut out and replaced. I wasn’t keen to replace like for like.

The images from the new system seem to suggest the control unit can now be dismantled and repaired in situ thanks to the use of bolts at the end of the control bar. This would have allowed me to repair the unit myself very easily so is a very welcome update. In addition, the new version of the slider system is touted to have a smoother action, hopefully solving the ‘sticky’ skeg issues of the past. P&H have offered the following information:

…first up, something many of you have been waiting for, our 2nd Generation skeg slider system, with a smoother more intuitive action, these have been in test over last season with Glenmore Lodge and Plas Y Brenin with excellent feedback from coaches and clients.

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