Last Friday, I spent an enjoyable evening messing about on (and in) the Beaulieu River last night with the staff from Liquid Logistics. However, rather than in our usual sea kayaks we spent the evening playing with a wide range of SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards) courtesy of Jon Popkiss from 24-7 Board Sports (and Kai Sports) based down at Calshot.

Jon brought SUP’s ranging from very stable teaching boards to short ‘playful’ boards and racing specific models. He ran through a very polished introduction to SUP and in particular outlined the differences we would find between a kayak or open canoe paddling stroke to an SUP stroke.

He then, bravely, let us loose on the various boards allowing us to try all the kit whilst he paddled among use giving salient and useful advice.

It was a cracking session and I can certainly see the appeal of SUP. It’s a very mellow way to travel and depending on the board used, surprisingly swift. At the same time, start to push up your speed and it provides an amazing workout. I can also really see the appeal as a group activity.

Huge thanks to Jon for bringing all his kit down and providing such an entertaining end to the week and thanks to Steve Mead (from Steve Mead Productions) for the photographs.


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