Howard Jeffs has recently created a superb range of sea kayak repair kits which are available for mail order via his website.

For those who have not come across Howard Jeffs, he has a long and established career as a sea kayak coach/guide as well as a boat designer and manufacturer. This includes time spent working for/with several well known brands including Valley and P&H.

composite1Howard has transferred his knowledge of sea kayak construction, modification and repairs into designing a range of sea kayak repair kits containing tried and trusted components for effecting repairs on both composite and plastic sea kayaks.

Each kit is vacuum packed to ensure it is waterproof and the contents protected. Therefore, the smaller kits can be dropped straight into a deck hatch/bag or PFD pocket. The larger kits can be further protected by being placed in dry bags alongside other kit or simply tucked away into day, front or rear hatches as desired.

For each kit, Howard has created a fully illustrated, step-by-step instruction sheet which can be downloaded from his website. Where a repair kits contains items with a limited lifespan, epoxy resin for example, Howard is offering a replacement and re-vacuuming service at a nominal fee if the unused kit is returned to him.

A brilliant idea and superbly implemented – something well worth checking out. For folks who like their ‘gadgets’ the micro welding torch looks ace!

Repair Kits Available

The kits available are:

  1. Micro Jet Gaz Torch Welding Kit
  2. Composite Kayak Repair Kit
  3. Flashband repair kit/
  4. Denso tape repair kit/
  5. EPOXY PUTTY/Pro Power GAFFA TAPE Repair Kit
  6. Surf-wax/
  7. Mini stretch wrap hatch/skeg repair kit/

Prices range from £2.50 to £27.50.

More Information Howard’s Website – repair kits found under ‘Resources & Shop’.

A Few Product Photos