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October 2013 will see the release of the next Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown DVD 3 which carries the subtitle ‘Navigation, Rolling and Dealing with Emergencies’. Gordon Brown and Simon Willis have been hard at work over the past months filming, editing and gathering feedback for the next in their multi-award winning instructional series and have today released the first trailer.

I’ve been lucky enough to have seen various sections of the DVD during the production process in order to help provide a little bit of feedback so it’s great to see how the content has been polished and honed over time and having watched the final review copy a number of times now I have to say it is an absolute cracker – a full review will follow shortly! For now, here is the trailer and a few more details about the DVD.



Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown Volume 3 consists of four separate films, covering key sea kayak techniques of navigation, rolling and dealing with emergencies. Leading up to the release date, four short free films are being made available on the Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown website.

Handling Emergency Situations is the most ambitious production in the series so far, involving teams from HM Coastguard, rescue helicopters and lifeboat crews.

Sea Kayak Navigation is co-presented by Franco Ferrero, author of the definitive manual on the subject, and covers from tidal basics to advanced course shaping with an emphasis on practical techniques to use on the water.

Rolling Clinic is a uniquely interactive series of films, in which Gordon coaches a group of complete beginners, demonstrates the most common mistakes, then shows how to fix each one. You can then diagnose your mistakes and learn how to fix your roll.

First Aid Kits is co-presented by Rowland Woollven of the Wilderness Emergency Medical Services Institute, who advises on what items kayakers should carry and how to deal with medical emergencies.

DVD Gallery

A few shots from the filming process and/or still shots from the DVD (click to enlarge)

Further Information

Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown DVD Website – Order copies of the DVD and view the free pre-release films via this website.
Simon Willis Website – Keep up to date with the latest news via Simon’s blog.