As a huge fan of Gordon Brown’s book ‘Sea Kayak – a Manual for Intermediate & Advanced Sea Kayakers‘ (which I reviewed in January) I am really excited by a project to create instructional DVDs to compliment the book. The DVD’s have been planned over the last two years and the first DVD will feature Gordon ‘coaching’ the viewer over the course of a multi-day expedition in conditions ranging from calm to rough water.

The DVD’s are being filmed by former BBC journalist Simon Willis (of Scottish Sea Kayak Trail and Sea Kayak Podcasts fame) who will be showing some of the footage shot to date as part of his keynote presentation at the Scottish Sea Kayak Symposium.

I have been lucky enough to have been aware of the project for a while and seen some of the ‘raw’ footage which is superb. Gordon has a relaxed and enthusiastic style and his wealth of experience is evident. I learnt a huge amount just from the small amount film I have seen and as a more visual learner, I’m really excited about having access to a resource like this to help me develop my own paddling technique and in particular having access to coaching from someone with the credentials and experience of Gordon.

I will keep you updated on the projects progress, it’s also worth keeping an eye on Simon’s blog for further information.