Solent Sea Kayaking Turns 2

Solent Sea Kayaking Turns Two

A family friend asked me how long I had been running the Solent Sea Kayaking website. This set me thinking and a quick look back at my first posts and when I had registered the domain name led to the realisation that I started the site at the end of April 2008 making Solent Sea Kayaking two this week!

It’s been a really interesting experience setting up and then working on the site. I never imagined it would become such an integral part of my daily life and would create so many opportunities.

I’ve got to know (online and in person) so many amazing people from around the world through emails, comments on the site, twitter and in person. I’ve been lucky enough to have access to some great kit to review. Most importantly, and the original aim of the site, it has pushed my own personal paddling and got me firmly back into the paddling community which I had lost contact with due to work/location reasons.

The website has gone through 3 iterations or re-designs in that time as I make use of new features and themes for WordPress and try to make the site more accessible and user friendly.

The site now averages 3,000 unique visitors a month, depending on the number of articles I post with the number of actual page views being even higher. I’ve no idea how this stacks up against other paddling sites and to be honest seeing the figures rise is more of an interesting statistic rather than a goal.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken an interest in the site, commented or emailed me. Here’s looking forward to the next two years!