Ok, my self imposed rule for this post – affordable! Not necessarily stocking fillers, but not huge expensive gifts like shiny new sea kayaks, as much as we would all like to Santa to add another Kayak to our rack. Hopefully this list will give a few ideas. I’ve added 10 items that I use and love (well 9 and 1 I’d like in my stocking). If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below.

1. Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown DVD

A superb mix of instructional and expedition footage shot around Skye. Featuring one of the UK’s best Sea Kayak coaches and shot/narrated by Simon Willis this DVD has been phenomenally well received with a number of glowing reviews. £19.99

Available here.

2. Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown Book

Ok, if your looking at the DVD, then consider the book as well. It is a fantastic resources covering all aspects of Sea Kayaking and packs an amazing amount of up-to-date information in a small form factor. I reviewed it here and believe it is a must have for all sea kayakers. £19.99

Available here.

3. Pump

For safety’s sake every sea kayaker should carry some form of pump. Most paddlers opt for a hand held bilge pump which can be carried under the deck lines without getting in the way and is instantly available when required. £25.80

Available here.

4. Lomo Kayaking Gloves

Absolutely superb. Great grip, lightweight and supremely warm. I would not be without these. I prefer them to pogies which I have been trying on and off since the early 80’s and never felt comfortable with. Available directly from Lomo at just £9.99!

Available here (scroll down to Kayak Gloves)

5. Lomo Aqua Boots

Another fantastic and affordable offering from Lomo. I recently reviewed these boots and have been over the moon with the warmth, quality and particularly comfort. A steal at £23.

Available here (scroll down to Aqua Boot)

6. Sea Kayak Handling

A fantastic and in depth look at specific stroke technique. Reviewed back in April, this has continued to be a great resource for developing technique particularly when combined with the online videos that accompany it. £9.99

Available here

7. Handheld VHF

We reviewed the Icom M71 and have been playing with the Icom M35 both of which are very impressive. Whatever brand you opt for, look for IPX7 standard and consider physical size, range and battery life. Icom M71: £169 approx

Available here

8. Palm Kaikoura Tour PFD

A superb sea kayak specific buoyancy aid with more pockets and fittings than you can shake a stick at. A little pricey but excellent quality. £130.

Available here

9. Petzl Duo Headtorch

So it may be a bit bigger and chunkier than many of the lightweight options but my original Petzl Duo has been going strong since 1993 and is fantastic for night paddling. It has the option to switch from low to high power bulb and is waterproofproof to 5m. £54

Available here.

10. Ortleib Aqua Zoom

Less of a suggestion and more of a hint! This is used by the superb sea kayak photographer Douglas Wilcox to protect his kit out on the water and something I am desperate to get my hands on to take my DSLR out on deck rather than in the day hatch. £54

Available here