Butterfly Roll - Photo Courtesy of www.gokayaknow.com

Photo courtesy of Go Kayak Now

Last night I went along to one of the New Forest Kayak & Canoe Club’s rolling sessions. Two hours in the open air, saltwater swimming pool at Lymington. The pool is amazing – absolutely huge which meant that even with 12 or so sea kayaks in the pool it still seemed absolutely empty. The pool is shoulder deep for most of it’s length which makes it perfect for rolling and rescue practice as well as any sort of stroke technique work given the huge size.

I had a superb evening thanks to NFKCC stalwart Steve Godferry who very kindly spent a huge chunk of time showing me a couple of Greenland Rolls. Steve is a real convert to Greenland Paddles and was sporting a beautiful foam core Carbon paddle last night. Steve showed me the ‘Butterfly Roll’ and ‘Shotgun Roll’.

I tried the Butterfly Roll first and almost made it up on several occasions but couldn’t quite crack it. As I was using my Werner Blades Steve kindly lent me his GP paddle and ‘pop’ I was up straight away. I did try again later with the Werners but only successfully rolled on one occasion. Certainly work to do on my technique to master it with a Euro blade.

Steve (and Jackie his better half) then demonstrated the ‘Shotgun’ roll. This one I really struggled with moving my arm the wrong way each time. It’s amazing how disorientating it can be and made me feel like a complete rolling novice again. Perseverance paid off eventually as did Steve’s patience and I was able to pull off a couple of good rolls before tiredness and the lack of a nose clip (leading to a burning sensation in my nasal passages) dictated it was time to stop.

I can’t get over how much fun it was to get stuck into these rolls and I am hooked!

Butterfly Roll

Butterfly Roll from Christopher Crowhurst on Vimeo.

Shotgun Roll

Shotgun Roll from Christopher Crowhurst on Vimeo.

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