First Aid Dry Bag

First Aid Dry Bag

Like most paddlers, I have a collection of different dry bags of all sizes and colours. Over time, I’ve got my head around which kit is stored in which bag. My current first aid kit lives in a smallish red dry bag in the day hatch of my kayak, however I have 2 other similarly sized red dry bags.

Whilst I could, of course, use a permanent marker to label the first aid bag to avoid confusion, Simon Willis recently pointed me to a handy item on the outdoor shop website which could help, particularly in the extreme case of me becoming the casualty and other paddlers having to search through my kit for first aid supplies.

The First Aid dry bags come in two sizes; small (1.5 litres) and large (4 litres). They are the distinctive, internationally recognised green colour of first aid kits and feature the ISO first aid logo which makes them stand out from other dry bags.

Small First Aid Dry Bag: £7.75
Large First Aid Dry Bag: £8.75

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