Light Trails

Light Trails

As part of my desire to improve my photography skills, I am always looking at the work of others as a source of inspiration and information on technique.

Whilst there are a huge number of Sea Kayaking related blogs/websites that feature some excellent photographs, I find those photographers who combine ‘on the water’ sea kayaking shots with images of the location, wildlife and environment giving a real sense of both the location and journey the most inspirational. I also enjoy sites where, at times, Sea Kayaking is mixed in with other outdoor activities and environments.

I have a ‘top five’ set of websites that I gain the most inspiration from and I thought I would share them with you.

Sea Kayaking With Sea Kayak Photo by Douglas Wilcox: Douglas is well known amongst the paddling community for his awesome catalogue of amazing photographs from the West Coast of Scotland. The quality of his photographs is simply stunning and never ceases to prove inspirational. His ability to tell the story of a paddling route through images is superb.

South West Sea Kayaking by Mark Rainsley: Mark has the ability to capture not only stunning images of Sea Kayaking (and White Water Paddling) but also wonderful shots of the Coastal landscape and wildlife. His blog also includes images from his life and passion for the outdoors in his Dorset location as well as his travels around the UK. He has also shared the equipment he uses in a very interesting article on his site.

Bryan Hansel Photography & Paddling Light by Bryan Hansel: Kayak Guide, Photographer and all round Outdoor Enthusiast Bryan Hansel delivers some fantastic images from his Minnesota base. Often providing posts on the technique or equipment used to capture these images (see this example) his work cover not only Sea Kayaking but other Outdoor Sports and his local landscape. His current (Jan 2011) Ice photos are awesome. by Erik Sjöstedt: I featured this website in a recent article but continue to enjoy exploring the very high quality photographs featuring some striking locations. Once again, the images not only capture Sea Kayaking action but the local flora, fauna and landscapes. Look for the ‘Bilder‘ link in the top navigation bar.

Mountain Sea Scotland by Ian Johnston: the most recent addition to my ‘top five’ is this blog which covers mountain and sea based activities and features some stunning coastline, nature and landscape photography. I’m still delving into the archived posts to find more beautiful shots.

Have I missed a Sea Kayaking based website featuring photography you find similarly inspirational, whether it inspires you to get out and paddle or pick up your camera?