It was with a feeling of sadness that I read recently that Simon Willis has decided to draw to a close his series of podcasts over on Sea Kayak Podcasts.

I know that a great many people have enjoyed Simon’s series of interviews with some fascinating Sea Kayakers and covering a wide range of topics. For me personally they have had a huge impact on my life.

It was listening to one of Simon’s early podcasts that sparked a conversation with my Wife about the fact I had almost dropped out of paddling completely due to work commitments and geographical location. That conversation continued for a day or so on and off and led to us deciding to relocate to the coast. Three weeks later we had moved our, at that time, new family into a new house and I’d started the Solent Sea Kayaking website.

I dropped Simon an email to thank him for the podcasts and shared this story which prompted a swift reply of thanks and proved to be the start of a ongoing friendship.

Thankfully, Simon intends to keep the library of podcasts archived online for folks to discover and continue to enjoy.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Simon for all his hard work putting the podcasts together and knowing Simon, am sure there will be another project in the pipeline soon!