Tweaking PFD

Tweaking PFD

Is it just me or is tweaking and paddling kit a hugely enjoyable and relaxing pastime when off the water? This weekend family commitments kept me off the water despite 2 possible opportunities to get out and paddle. Sunday saw my 5 year old daughter dozing on the sofa with a poorly tummy with Daddy dutifully acting as nurse maid.

I spent the time playing with my Peak Adventure Zip Buoyancy Aid, packing and repacking the contents to come up with the most user friendly system for the housing my ‘must carry’ equipment as well as adding an attachment point for the quick release mechanism on the Throwtow system.

I have yet to finalise the ‘ultimate’ system but had huge fun tweaking, despite my efforts prompting the following exchange:

Daughter: “Daddy – why are you wearing your life jacket in the house?” (props herself up on one elbow)
Me: “Sweetie, it’s not a life jacket, it’s a buoyancy aid….” (smiles encouragingly)
Daughter: “Oh for goodness sake” (tuts and lies back down)

Oh well, at least she corrects visitors who call my Sea Kayak a canoe, and refer to a paddle as an oar. Two out of three can’t be bad!