I’ve been using an MSR XGK stove since 1993 (thanks to my generous father) and it has been fantastic. It has some limitations for example simmering food can be very tricky but is possible, however as a bombproof bit of kit it performs brilliantly after 18 years of use.

That said I decided, last week, to give it some long overdue care and attention with a full clean up and service as well as purchasing a new pump and fuel bottle both of which were available at reduced prices in our local Go Outdoors store. My main concern was the age of the rubber seals in both items which, although still performing well must have suffered from age

The new pump has had a redesign since I got hold of the original stove and is now more powerful and offers better control when trying to simmer the stove.

I get a tad concerned about the ‘throw-a-way’ nature of some industries these days where products failing after a couple of years is seen by shops and manufacturers as perfectly normal (bad experience with a TV and microwave spring to mind) so it’s nice to have a stove that continues to work so well after such a long time and I don’t begrudge spending a some hard earned cash on keeping it going.

There is a great review of the MSR XGK model I have on Hikin’ Jims ‘Adventures In Stoving‘ blog (Jim kindly allowed use of the XGK photo that illustrates this blogpost).