So for next few days the Solent descends into organised chaos as Cowes Week gets under way. The Solent can be extremely busy on a normal weekend. Add to the mix all the races and associated spectators and things get a tad messy.

The Yacht in this video from yesterday, appears to have cut things fine trying to cross in front of a Super Tanker which is constrained by draft AND moving at a faster pace than he is. Tracking the incident it seems the story has made it onto the BBC News website which indicates that two of the crew were thrown from the yacht and required rescuing by Rhib Vigilant and the Hamble Rescue Team before being given medical attention.

Thankfully both men appear to be none the worse for the ordeal which could have been very nasty indeed. Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week (the organisers of Cowes Week) are launching an official inquiry in due course.

The MCA website report states:

At just after twenty past three this afternoon Solent Coastguard were informed by Hamble Rescue that the yacht Atlanta of Chester had collided with the tanker Hanne Knutsen off Egypt Point, Isle of Wight.

Two people were thrown overboard by the collison and the yacht lost its mast and rigging. The RHIB Vigilant took one of the people back to shore for medical attention whilst the Southampton Patrol Boat and Hamble Rescue took the second person to a waiting ambulance at Trinity Pontoon.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch and the MCA Duty Surveyor have been informed. The tanker continued to its destination at Fawley and the yacht has been towed to the UKSA berths at Cowes.

For Sea Kayakers heading to the Solent Area during Cowes Week, the increased volume of traffic makes crossings to the Isle of Wight from some of the more common locations a much more tricky undertaking and extra research and planning are advised.