Valley Sea Kayaks have just announced that they are intending to rationalise their range of sea kayaks. This follows the introduction of various the new designs over the last two years, the most notable being the Etain range. The result of this rationalisation process is that certain models are to be discontinued permanently.

The last date for placing orders with Valley is the 31st of August this year so anyone considering purchasing one of the soon-to-be discontinued models has just over a week to make a decision and place an order.

Discontinued Valley Sea Kayaks

The models to be discontinued are as follows:

  • Pintail – keyhole & ocean versions
  • Aquanaut – all composite models: Std LV HV
  • Aquanaut RM – LV HV
  • Q-Boat
  • Nordkapp Classics – old HM & HS versions

Revised Valley Sea Kayak Line Up

The revised Valley range of sea kayaks will therefore look like this.

  • Gemini ST
  • Gemini SP
  • Avocet – Std, LV, RM, VCP
  • Etain – 17-7, 17-5, 17-3, 17-7 RM, 17-5 RM
  • Nordkapp – Std, LV, RM
  • Rapier – 20, 18
  • Anas Acuta – Ocean & Keyhole
  • Aleut II
  • Aquanaut Club

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