I’ve been out playing in the new P&H Hammer as part of my ongoing writing for Ocean Paddler Magazine. Having just invested in a GoPro Hero 3 camera I was looking for a test piece to start learning my way around the camera so shot some footage of flat water testing the P&H Hammer down on the Beaulieu River. Here are the results!

The P&H Hammer is a very unique boat and a very interesting and in some ways tricky kayak to test and review as it is different to a traditional sea kayak. P&H describe the Hammer as:

…a radical new kayak primed to take ‘play the sea’ and river exploration to a whole new level. Influences from the P&H Delphin and the Pyranha Fusion and aspects of white-water kayak design feature in the Hammer; giving both sea and white-water paddlers the opportunity to have some serious fun.

As the video shows, it certainly has handling characteristics of a River boat in terms of it’s ability to spin quickly with limited paddle strokes thanks to it’s planning hull.

The next stage of the review process involves getting it into some lumpy water and surf as well as exploring some rock gardens, stacks and caves. Look out for the full review in issue 38 of Ocean Paddler Magazine but in the meantime, take a look at the P&H Hammer in action in the surf in the video below, shot by Simon Osbourne from Sea Kayaking Cornwall. It looks like amazing fun!


A series of photos thanks to Steve Mead Productions.

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