Jim Krawiecki is already well known to many paddlers as the co-author of Welsh Sea Kayaking and the author of Northern England & IOM: Fifty Great Sea Kayak Voyages, both published by Pesda Press. There is also a really enjoyable podcast with Jim on Simon Willis’s Sea Kayak Podcasts website. However he is now gaining a reputation as ‘Jim Krawiecki Video Producer’.

Recently, Jim has been releasing video shorts of his paddling exploits and they are superb. Jim has struck a great balance between good quality footage and keeping the videos natural and ‘un-produced’.

As an example of the quality of the Jim Krawiecki video shorts, I’ve included Jim’s most recent video within this post but if you’d like to see more it’s well worth taking a trip over the his Youtube page.

Jim Krawiecki video shorts

Useful Links

Jim Blog: jimskisblog.blogspot.co.uk
Jim’s Youtube Page: www.youtube.com/user/jimkrawiecki