It seems that 2011 will be the year of the ‘Safety & Rescue’ DVD for Sea Kayakers. With Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown 2 covering this topic (review coming shortly), Sea Kayak Essentials 2 from Nick Cunliffe and Matt Gibbens and Reelwater Productions (Bryan Smith with the Body, Boat, Blade team).

This particular trailer is from Reelwater Productions Bryan Smith and Body, Boat Blade duo Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme. They have teamed up to create Sea Kayak Rescues which they describe as a comprehensive modern guide to rescues for all paddlers. Due for release any day, I will be interested to see how this film differs from the two british offerings, not only in content and technique but also filming and presentational style.

The fact that there are three potentially competing products is, in my humble opinion, a fantastic thing. In fact I don’t see them as competing but complimentary products. Having three different perspectives and approaches to the same topic can only provide a wider range of ideas, techniques and solutions.

This is akin to receiving training/coaching from different coaches or paddling with lots of different kayakers. Everyone has their own style and little nuggets of information or technique and I relish to opportunity to experience the variety and add those gems to my own paddling ‘toolbox’. So bring it on folks, the more the merrier!