Last weekend I was working for Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking and ran a two day Sea Kayak coaching course for a group of paddlers from Tower Hamlets Canoe Club. On the second day, the group undertook a short exercise to plan a day trip given the full set of tidal and weather information. The result was a stunning sea kayak trip to the Needles. I took the opportunity to play with the new Go Pro camera and capture some of the day.

The whole weekend was ace, I had met most of the group when I ran a 3* Sea Kayak Training for Tower Hamlets Canoe Club last year. They had enjoyed the weekend and decided to return for more coaching and fun.

We enjoyed two days based out of Freshwater Bay. Day one consisted of playing in and around the caves, rocks and stacks in the bay followed by an afternoon getting to grips with the surf. On the second day the group planned and undertook the trip to the Needles and back from Freshwater which provide excellent opportunities to play under the cliffs in some lumpy swell. We finished the day with coaching and practice of rescue and rolling in the bay. A fab weekend with a fab group of paddlers.


Useful Links – Tower Hamlets Canoe Club Website – Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking Website