Website Refresh ImageSince I started Solent Sea Kayaking back in 2008, the website has had 4 ‘refreshes’ in terms of the design and layout. The last refresh was to a design that aesthetically I really liked but it’s been bothering me for a while that on a practical level it was not a great choice.

There was not enough space in the main navigation to fit and organise the main links or ‘headings’ as I needed and the actual posts and articles were not as cleanly laid out or font as readable as I would like. I’ve noticed this specifically whilst writing a series of articles on coaching I’m planning on releasing over the Winter where I want the focus to be on the articles and diagrams.

So, as of last Friday night it’s all change once again to a new, cleaner design and layout. Hopefully folks will like the changes. The new design provides a lot more option for varying page layouts to suit the article or blogpost. I’ve also changed the system that provides the email subscription (no need for existing subscribers to sign up again) to make things slicker and offer more features. The last job to finish off is trawling through all the old posts and content to tweak layout and in particular position of images which were added in old designs and may look a little funky in the new one.

Although I didn’t look at any other sites during the redesign I was struck on completing the project how much they owe to the clean style and design of two sites I really like for their breadth of quality content and clean, accesible design, so thanks have to go to Bryan Hansel and David Jonston for subliminal inspiration during the process. Amazingly, there must be something in the air with regards to redesigns and David released a new design to Paddling Instructor on the same day. This follows on from seeing another of the sites I follow, South West Sea Kayaking, get a makeover!

As ever, I welcome any feedback folk my have.

Cheers, Duncan