I reviewed the first edition of ‘South West Sea Kayaking‘ by Mark Rainsley back in June 2008 (see the original review here).

Roll on three years and Mark has completed a thorough update in the form of the second edition which is now available directly from Pesda Press or from a wide range of kayaking shops.

In terms of whats been updated, Mark posted the following on the Southwest Sea Kayaking website:

What’s different in the new edition? Overall, I made about 450 separate changes to the text;

Out of date information has been updated or removed.

All phone numbers and web links have been checked and updated. I couldn’t believe how many had changed, about half of the accommodation details for instance.

Removed references to out of date accommodation and added new ones, including coastal hostels.

Updated reading/ reference lists.

Where I could squeeze it in, I added extra details about areas and routes.
Reviewed some of the tidal info in the last two chapters (more info available now, it was previously a bit thin).

About half the photos have been changed – I feel that the overall quality is better now, including lots donated kindly by other paddlers.

I hope that this new edition is useful, and helps paddlers to get out and explore the fantastic south-west coast. Thanks to all who helped with the process of updating it.

Comprehensive stuff to say the least. Mark kindly forwarded a copy of the book to me as a thank you for contributing a picture for the Solent section of the guidebook and from reading through the second edition the updates have definitely kept this outstanding guidebook as a must have for anyone paddling in the South West area.

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