Eastern Horizons is the latest Sea Kayaking DVD from Bryan Smith and Reelwater Productions. It has had a fantastic reception in the sea kayaking press and blogosphere with many reviewers touting Eastern Horizons as setting the new standard for production quality and content. So, does Eastern Horizons live up to this hype???

The short answer is yes, the long answer absolutely, categorically, without exception yes. Does this mean the DVD is without it’s flaws and potential niggles? No. What it does mean (and this is coming from someone who admits they have an addiction to sea kayaking films) is that for me, Eastern Horizons stands out amongst the crowd of other Sea Kayaking DVD’s. The questions therefore is why?

Outside Cover

Outside Cover

Eastern Horizons takes us on a journey along the East Coast of the US, from Newfoundland down to Georgia. Bryan, Lise-Anne and their companions visit 8 locations and take time to meet the locals, explore the local environment and of course paddle.

For me, what makes this such a superb DVD is that they have successfully balanced the on-water action with the off-water aspects on the film. You have a real sense of them connecting with the people and places they visit. This is no better demonstrated than by their return to Newfoundland (the first location they visit) at the end of the film and the warmth of reception they receive from the locals.

I found their visit to New York fascinating, seeing the urban landscape from a paddlers persepctive and marvelling at the storm that rages around the skyscraper. I equally enjoyed their visit to Georgia having spent time living their as a child. Each location offers something different and keeps the viewer engaged.


Inside Cover

The other aspect of this DVD that makes it stand out, is the quality of the production. If you have yet to watch a Sea Kayaking DVD of this type and are expecting shaky, hand held amateur footage then think again.

This is pure HD widescreen class. From the titles and credits with their subtle, professional fonts to the amazing quality of the video shot through to the design of the DVD case.

Every aspect of this DVD has been carefully thought about and designed setting an impressive standard for future releases.

A DVD can never replace getting out there and doing it but what Bryan and Lise-Ann have created is something seriously worth watching when you are off the water and something that inspires you to get back out there.

The best praise I can give this DVD is that having watched it through fully three times on the day it arrived, the next morning was out at 4am to paddle with the sunrise.

If this has wet your appetite, then check out the trailer below. In the UK, Eastern Horizons can be purchase via Cackle TV.

Eastern Horizons Trailer from Bryan Smith on Vimeo.

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