Available from Cackle TV – Justine Curgenven’s website, Pacific Horizons is a Sea Kayaking DVD with a format based loosely on the “This is the Sea” series.

It has individual chapters about places, people or tidal races but the DVD is based entirely in the Pacific North West region of America & Canada.

Prior to watching this DVD, I had seen Ocean Paddlers review which recommends viewing with the directors commentary to get the best experience due to the lack of narrative within the DVD. However, I found this lack of commentary refreshing and the DVD as a whole is immensely enjoyable.

It has a good mix of ‘tiderace’ play, expeditions and big sea paddling as well as some more unusual sections such as a look at ‘Dubside’ the ‘commando’ greenland-style kayaker who accompanied by his collapsible sea kayak will only use public transport to reach his paddling destinations.

Some stunning locations, good paddling and a smattering of mouth watering equipment make this an inspirational watch. The soundtrack is enjoyable and adds to the atmosphere – possibly better than some of the ‘This Is The Sea’ series.

Here’s the official blurb…

Showcasing some of the world’s most sought after sea kayaking destinations, Pacific Horizons captures the essence of the Ocean and inspires everyone to get out on the water and go kayaking! Blending wildlife, people, places and action-packed kayaking,

Bryan Smith takes us on an unforgettable journey documenting impressive tidal race surfing, the Orca whales of the San Juan Islands, the Bunsby islands off the remote coast of Vancouver island, “commando kayaking” with Greenland rolling and ropes gymnastics champion Dubside, the wind and waves of the Oregon coast, and to top it all off, a special appearance of Justine Curgenven’s work depicting her journey around the Queen Charlotte Islands with Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme. Pacific Horizons is an entertaining, breath-taking and inspirational adventure film.

Priced at £19.99, the DVD is on the expensive side, although comparable to other Sea Kayak (and Ski-ing/extreme sport) DVD’s. I enjoy this type of movie, having grown up on the Warren Miller Ski-ing DVD’s and more recently some of the “This Is The Sea’ series so Pacific Horizon’s was worth every penny and will keep me motivated in my ‘off the water’ periods!