Quick review here of a couple of essentials items for transporting and storing your Sea Kayak. I’ve already reviewed a couple of Lomo items (Kayak Gloves & Aqua Boots) and the over-riding impression you are left with is superb quality for astonishingly low prices. These two smaller items are no different.

Lomo Cockpit Cover

Lomo Deck Cover

The deck cover is a recent purchase after seeing it mentioned on Simon Willis’s blog. It is designed for covering the cockpit when the kayak is in storage or transit. The offering from Lomo is good quality, heavy duty neoprene. It comes in two sizes and features a strap and buckle set up for securing the cockpit cover to either your decklines or roof rack in case it accidentally comes off in transit.

In use, the cockpit cover is tight enough to remain in place at motorway speeds, but has more give than a deck making it easy to put on. The security strap is a decent length and I tend to thread it through my deck lines and clip it back to the buckle. When the Sea Kayak stored at home, I use the cover to keep creepy crawlies out of the boat however I do like to ensure the boat is clean and dry inside before using it so I’m not creating a breeding ground for mould.

At £15 it’s good value for money, the sort of money some companies charge for nylon versions. If you are in the market for a cockpit cover it’s well worth a look. Further details via the Lomo website.

Lomo Roof Rack Straps

Roof Rack Straps

There’s not really a lot to say -these are standard roof rack straps with nice neoprene backing to the buckles to avoid them scratching your kayak. The pad is securely sewn onto the strap so it’s always in place.

The straps use 25mm wide high-strength polypropylene webbing and double-spring cam buckle and are 3.5m long. They are sold singly at £3.50, therefore £7 a set. I’ve been using my set for several months with no sign or any wear. Further details via Lomo website.