The Northwater Peaked Deck Bag provides deck based storage for your sea kayak in the absence of the increasingly popular ‘4th hatch’ that is appearing on sea kayaks such as the P&H Scorpio/Cetus and Rockpool Menai 18.

Strapping onto your decklines, it’s contoured/tapered shape sits snugly in front of the cockpit and provides a large single compartment, accessible via a double zip. The outside of the deck bag has 2 mesh pockets fastened by velcro and a criss crossed bungy strap system over the peak of the bag.

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag - Side ViewThe Northwater Peaked Deck Bag is the smaller of the Northwater range and is ideal for holding various items that may be required during a paddle such as VHF radios, GPS, drinks bottles, food and map/chart equipment. It is also large enough to hold a small to mid sized camera. However, the Peaked Deck Bag is not waterproof so waterproof protection for electronic items is required in the form of small dry bags or Aquapac cases.

The Peaked Deck Bag attaches via four straps to your existing deck lines using simple pull through buckles. Once the deck bag is centred on the boat and these are pulled tight I have found it to be very solid and does not work loose or move about to any noticeable degree.

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag - Strap DetailInitially I had a concern that it may impeded a lower paddling style but careful placement does avoid this. I sit the back squarely between the edge of my cockpit and my front hatch, strapping it over the top of my spare paddle blades (adding extra security for these).

The main compartment is easily accessible via the zippered entry. The model I have used uses a single zip however the newer ‘upgraded’ version available has seen this replace by a double zip to provide easier access. This is a welcome update and I can see this enhancing ease of use on the water.

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag Main OpeningI have used the compartment primarily for a small point and shoot camera which lives in a very small dry bag along with a GPS housed in an Aquapac case, A5 laminated map sheets and chocolate/grenola bars. This leaves plenty of space free, however, I feel too much kit within the bag would cause issue retrieving items at the back of the bag when on the water.

The Northwater Peaked Deck Bag uses a polyethylene sheet to form the curved peak on the top side. This slide into the top of the bag maintaining the domed shape but allowing flexibility in the bag. The sheet is not attached in the model I own so could be removed if preferred to allow a flatter profile. I have found I need to be slightly more careful storing the bag as it is possible to squash and deform the sheet in a heavily laden kit bag.

Northwater Peaked Deck Bag Top ViewThe small mesh pockets run the length of the bag and fasten with velcro. They include reflective strips sewn along the length for evening/nighttime visibility. They are suitably sized for snack or other smaller items.

Criss crossing the top of the bag are bungies with a simple drawcord tightening system. These are ideal for holding flatter items. For example, I have often tucked a thin windproof cag under these on summer paddles for easy access if the wind picks up or a light shower approaches. It would also be possible to fold and tuck charts, maps under these for very swift access.

The quality of the manufacturing is very good and all the sewn aspects seem well made and durable.

Overall I feel the Northwater Peaked Deck Bag is a very useful accessory. It has provided me with easy access to a number of items during paddles and allows me to keep the ‘bulk’ of my buoyancy aid down as I no longer cram the pockets full. As long as it is carefully placed, it does not impede a ‘lower’ paddling style and with it’s relatively low profile hugs the deck well. It does not provide huge storage (for this Northwater have other offerings we hope to review soon) but it provides a perfect solution for any day/weekend paddler or expedition set up where smaller items are needed on deck.

From the Manufacturers

To make stored items easier to get in and out, we went from a single slot opening to wide mouth, double pull zipper opening to make this popular deck bag even better. Contoured to fit the shape of your deck. Lots of room to keep those top-side essentials organized and tidy. This 420 denier nylon deck bag uses a polyethylene liner to keep the bag’s shape.

This tapered design renders less wind and wave resistance. Criss-crossed bungy straps on top, two side mesh pockets, and a zippered main compartment allow you quick and easy access.

  • Made of rugged 420-denier nylon with a shape-saving polyethylene liner.
  • Dimensions are 30.5 x 30.5cm (12 x 12in.) at the base, while the front tapers to 17.8 x 7.6cm (7 x 3in.) to minimize wind and wave resistance.
  • Criss-crossed top bungee straps.
  • Two mesh side pockets.
  • Zippered main compartment.


The Peaked Deck Bag is available instore or mail order from Bournemouth Canoes