Peak UK 15m Towline

Peak UK 15m Towline

The Peak UK Towline is a 15m towline system with the ability to be waist or deck mounted. It features a webbing waist belt with quick release buckle. The bag element is a large shaped pouch akin to a walking/mountain biking bum bag with a zip open top lid. This is made from sturdy fabric with hi-vis reflective tape on the outside. The ‘floor’ of the pouch is made from pastic grid material to allow drainage of any water from the pouch. There is a vertical synch strap running from the top lid down to base of the pouch which allows the volume to be reduced when stowed.

Looking at the actual towline, the red line has a larger non-snag snap gate at the towing end with a float in the line immeadiately behind it. There is then a section of line of a metre or so before the line is daisy chain coiled. The end of the daisy chain then features a smaller non-snag snap gate which keeps the coils in place allowing the towline to be used at around a 5m length. Unclipping this smaller snap gate allows the coils to pull free and the towline extends to it’s full 15m length. The towline is attached via a bungee shock absorbing loop (with rope back-up) to a stainless D ring which is fitted through both the waist belt and bag itself.

Adapting The Towline

Out of the packaging the Peak UK towline has a couple of aspects I wanted to adapt to enhance it’s use. I have made 3 key changes:

  1. Moved the float just over 1/2 a sea kayak boats length down the line.
  2. Changed the way the snap gate is attached to the line from a knot to whipped line
  3. Diasy Chain coiled all the line from the float to the end of the line

This has ensured I have a clean line at the towing end, particularly when feeding the towline under deck lines to clip a second boat in a rafted tow situation. The original position of the float prevented this. The extra daisy chain coiling further shortens the line but retains enough length for short tows.

In use

I really like the size of the bag on this towline, plus the fact it comes with two really nice snap gates. Worn as a waist system it is unobtrusive when the bag is synched down. I wear it with the bag at the front, the towing snap gate clipped to my PFD ready fr quick deployment. Towing shorter or longer is comfortable. The bungee does a reasonable job at absorbing the bulk of the shock. Repacking the towline is nice and easy thanks to the large opening at the top of the bag. The quick release does it job – the large ball on the buckle makes it easy to locate. I’ve practised capsizing whilst towing and released the system with no hassle.

I don’t currently have a deck mount set-up rigged on my own boat and am jumping between so many different boats I prefer a system i can take with me however, the large velcro pads sewn on the back of this system look comparable to other deck mounted tow bags. It’s nice that this towline provides both options.


Full disclosure, I’m lucky to now be part of the Peak Professional Partner System which means I can buy Peak UK kit at a reduced price. However I chose and bought this towline at full cost before I became involved with Peak UK and after using a number of other towlines.

The main problem I encountered on the two other towlines I tried was the small opening to the towline bag which became too much hassle to deal with on the water. The wide opening on the Peak UK Towline is, for me, its major selling point. Add to that the nice stainless hardware and decent build quality and for me this is a cracking towline.

However, I would recommend folks consider the adaptions I made, particularly moving the position of the float to create a clean line at the clipping on end of the system. Alternatively, take a look at Level 5 Sea Coach, Kim Bull’s article on how he adapted his Peak UK Towline.


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