So I manage to get out and paddle a lot, particularly given the time commitment a young family brings. However, most of my sea kayaking in recent years has been confined to the Solent. I love it and never get bored of repeating paddling routes, however the time has come to spread my wings. I need to get out into new areas. I need to paddle unfamiliar territory and paddle in conditions that are not prevalent in the Solent. hit

Why? The most important reason is sheer enjoyment and that feeling of adventure that comes from paddling somewhere new. The secondary reason is to start the process of working towards my next long term goal of attaining 5*. The feedback from my 4* assessment was very positive with regards to moving on to 5* but clearly identified my need to build experience in other areas from a navigational planning and paddling experience point of view.

With this in mind, I grabbed the opportunity to assist Rich Pearsall from Liquid Logistics taking a group of 4 clients from Studland Bay to Anvil Point and back. This trip fitted in perfectly with a plan I have to work my away along the entire Dorset Coast as the first step in the process of spreading my wings. Whilst not a massive departure from the Solent, it’s part of a bigger plan which I look forward to sharing over time.

We had a cracking day on the water and enjoyed a mixture of beautiful conditions along with some decent flow and waves in the two tide races on route. Frustratingly, I forgot to charge up the batteries for my camera however Rich carries a waterproof point and shoot so provided the following pictures.


Studland To Anvil Point (And Return)