A nice clear demonstration of the re-entry and roll self rescue from Keith Wikle of the Go Kayak Now website. If practiced and perfected, this method of self rescue is arguably the fastest and ‘cleanest’.

From Keith’s Vimeo Site:

Demonstration of a quick re-enter and roll rescue from a Sea Kayak. The candidate wet-exits a sea kayak, re-enters and then rolls it back up full of water. The re-enter and roll is an excellent skill to possess when sea kayaking far from shore. There is no need for a paddle float, or any other equipment than what the kayaker already has in hand. The key is not to lose contact with the boat, or the paddle at any point. The paddler enters the kayak from the side, then slips in, and fully capsizes again, and then rolls up. Note the supportive sculling strokes after the initial roll for stability.

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