The scoop rescue is used to aid an exhausted or injured paddler back into a sea kayak when they are unable to assist the rescuer in the process. It involves holding the sea kayaking on its side, half full of water and then having the paddler in the water ‘float’ into the kayak. Once their legs are in the cockpit you can grab their buoyancy aid and pull them up, whilst pushing down on the inside edge of their kayak.

After a lot of practice, I have found it works best if the kayaks are both lined up with bows facing the same way. This allows me to reach around behind their back and with that arm both pull them up by the far side of the buoyancy aid whilst pushing down on the kayak with the elbow of the same arm. My other hand pushes down on the inside edge of their kayak. However, it also possible to perform this rescue with kayaks either way around – as demonstrated by the above video clip.

If you are looking for more information on rescues, The Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown DVD 2 has some excellent footage and commentary of a range of rescues, including the scoop rescue.