Thanks to the patience and enthusiastic ‘mentorship’ of a couple of my paddling pals, Steve and Jackie from NFKCC, I have started to make some progress with my Greenland rolling. I took the video camera down today to do a little analysis of just how poor my technique is and knocked up this short video of the 4 rolls (well 3 rolls and a recovery stroke) I have managed to learn so far.

Greenland Rolling Resources

Along with Steve and Jackie’s tuition and advice I have been making use of a number of Greenland rolling resources:

Christopher Crowhurst over at Qajaq Rolls including his ‘Rolling With Sticks’ DVD, accompanying waterproof handbook and his free youtube videos. Christopher provides some excellent materials and his obvious love of greenland rolling is infectious.

Cheri and Turner from Kayak Ways along with Justine Curgenven produced an excellent instructional DVD in the form of ‘This Is The Roll‘ which really breaks down the basics of rolling, in particular greenland rolling and is an excellent aid to grasping the fundamentals. It certainly made me stop and think about my standard rolls and analyse/improve them and got me interested in trying some greenland rolls.

Next Steps

Well, I’ve only scratched the surface of greenland rolling in the last couple of weeks. I have a lot of work to do on the rolls I have already tried but I am keen to learn more and looking forward to the journey!