Liquid Logistics 2 Star Training

I’ve been quite busy on the weekends coaching in recent weeks. Working for/with Isle of Wight Sea Kayaking and Liquid Logistics. A couple of weekends ago I spent a very enjoyable, if rather wet, day working with Liquid Logistics coach Stuart Watson on a BCU 2 star training course.

The current BCU 2 Star award requires candidates to learn and demonstrate skills in both a kayak and a canoe. The type of kayak and canoe used is very flexible and often determined by the longer term aims of the candidates. On this particular course, all three paddlers were looking to develop their sea kayaking skills so we had a great day playing in sea kayaks and standard open canoes (paddled solo).

Practicing Skills

Having spent so much time in Sea Kayaks over the last few years, I’m always pleased to have the opportunity to get back in an Open boat, even if we had to battle some pretty stiff wind in the afternoon.

The folks attending the course were super-committed and had heaps of enthusiasm and self motivation which allowed us to push the skills during the day. It was also great to work with another coach for the day. I’ve been lucky to work with alongside a number of coaches over the last few months and always pick up new tricks and tips or different ways of approaching something. Having known Stuart for a while now, this was my first time coaching with him and I was very impressed with his style and approach to the day. We made the most of opportunities to try new ideas and discuss various skills and techniques and the various methods of introducing them to paddlers. Great stuff.

Starting A Session in Sea Kayaks

Unfortunately, family commitments prevented me from joining the group for the second day, although hearing the rain pounding on the roof when I woke up on the Sunday morning I was a little glad to be tucked up in the warm!

Liquid Logistics run a decent programme of intro, One, Two and Three star awards through the course of the year. You can find out more by checking out their website.