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New Valley Logo

Valley Sea Kayaks have today launched their new website.

Paddlers who are regular visitors to the superb UK Sea Kayak Guidebook forums may be aware of the discussions and comments regarding the Valley Sea Kayaks website and it’s relatively long ‘hiatus’ during the revamp.

The homepage of the new website has this message:

I know for many, including ourselves, this has been a long time coming but at last here we are. Whilst the site is now live we are still in the process of populating some areas, so if you find a page isn’t working or something is factually incorrect please come back in a few days, when hopefully things will have changed.

The new website is definitely has the makings of a clearer, more detailed brochure for the Valley Sea Kayak range but has plans to include more dynamic content such as paddler blogs and a news section along with proposed video and article downloads including, interestingly, the trip report from the famous 1975 Nordkapp Expedition which led to the final design for the Valley Nordkapp Sea Kayak, arguably one of the best known Sea Kayaks.

With regards to the ongoing development of the website, Peter Orton, Director of Valley Sea Kayaks, posted the following message on the UKSKGB:

So for now enjoy the site but please appreciate certain content will be added and edited over the next couple of weeks, the aim being to have all areas populated and functional by the end of January. On a final note, anyone with images that might be good for the gallery section, these would be very much appreciated.

Well worth a visit and certainly worth the wait. Oh, and if you are considering a Valley Sea Kayak, perhaps the offer of a free copy of the ‘Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown‘ DVD with every Sea Kayak purchased might prompt you to place an order!