The Kayak Mainline Podcast is a new Sea Kayak related podcast from David Johnston and Kelly Blades. The podcast has 4 episodes recorded and released already and the show consist of a roundup of weird and wonderful paddling news, question and answer sessions and interviews with folks from different areas of the kayaking community – instructors, equipment suppliers/manufacturers and paddlers.

With Kelly being from America and David from Canada, there are aspects of the news such as upcoming events that may be a little out of the travel budget/time for us UK based paddlers. However the content is engaging and delivered in a fun, relaxed conversational style and there have already been some cracking interviews. Of particular note, the interview with Shawna and Leon from ‘Body Boat Blade‘ was really enjoyable. In a couple of episodes, I found the general banter went on a tad too long, however huge respect to Kelly and David for having the balls and inclination to put the podcast together – I’m not sure I’d be able to do it!

David offers the following insight into the genesis of their podcast:

My good friend Kelly Blades and I were talking a while back about how outside of Simon Willis’s amazing work there really isn’t anybody covering sea kayaking in podcast form.

After talking about it for what seems like a year we decided it’s time to step up and do it.

Having listened to all four available episodes, there is already a sense of Kelly and David relaxing into the hosting roles and working through one or two issues with sound quality as they find their feet. I’m excited to see what they come up with in future episodes – the interviews and ‘ask a pro’ in particular have a lot of potential, particularly if folks use twitter and facebook to drop them questions they might have or suggest ideas for interviews.

Useful Links

Paddling Instructor – David Johnston’s Website
Kelly Blades – Kelly Blades Website
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