Simon WillisSea Kayak Routes is a podcast (downloadable audio show) from journalist and Sea Kayak fanatic Simon Willis.

Covering a range of topics, such as equipment, routes and history this is a must listen for all Sea Kayakers. Shows can be subscribed to via iTunes or listened to on the actual pages of the website.

The Sea Kayak Routes website also has a range of useful links to other projects Simon is involved in and is a great resource, particularly for Scottish paddling routes.

As an example, one podcast interviews an expert from Werner paddles and would be worth downloading if you are in the market for some new blades. Possibly a must listen for all Sea Paddlers is the episode interviewing the Coastguard which provides an insight into how they work and how we, as responsible paddlers, can best help the coastguard should we need to call upon their services.

Look out for information on Simon’s latest project in a future article.