I recently had an email from a kayaker asking if I minded him linking to an article I posted on skeg use. I shot back an email immediately saying ‘no problem’ but my curiosity was raised as I recognised the name: Greg Stamer. It took a while for me to realise this was THE Greg Stamer who circumnavigated Iceland with Freya Hoffmeister in 2007. I immediately jumped over to his website to take a look.

Greg’s Kayak Vagabond website is a mixture of his personal blog, some awesome galleries and write up’s from expeditions he has undertaken. It is obvious from Greg’s bio that he has a wealth of experience and a particular passion for/involvement with Greenland style paddling. Indeed, he is the past-President and founder of Qajaq USA, the American Chapter of the Greenland Kayaking Association (Qaannat Kattuffiat).

A relatively new section of the website called ‘Ask Greg’ where he is soliciting questions from sea kayakers which he then answers in detail. In Greg’s own words:

I’m happy to help answer your questions ranging from Greenland-style technique, making Greenland paddles, wing technique, kayak expeditions and gear, kayak camping, surf kayaking and more. I look forward to your questions!

There are already a number of very diverse questions posted with some excellent answers which I thoroughly enjoyed reading through and look forward to tracking Greg’s site in the future as I have a feeling there will be a lot of really useful information flowing through it.

Useful Links

www.gregstamer.com – Greg Stamer’s Kayak Vagabond Website
Ask Greg – Contact form to ask Greg a question