Sea Kayaking TV

Sea Kayaking TV Website

David Johnston just posted up an article on The Heliconia Press and their move from print media to purely web based video content on his excellent Paddling Instructor website. After reading his article I began exploring The Heliconia Press content and discovered they utilise You Tube channels to host a wide range of paddling based content from white water to canoe to kayak fishing. The channel that caught my eye was Sea Kayaking TV.

The website/You Tube Channel provides a large and growing number of videos covering an eclectic mix of topics from stroke technique, equipment, navigation and chart work, safety and rescue. Some videos are squarely aimed at beginners others at more intermediate to advanced paddlers.

It seems as if Sea Kayaking TV has a lot of scope as the content grows and many Sea kayakers will find videos of interest to them within the various sections provided.

There are also provides access to Sea Kayaking TV’s Facebook page and a comment section for discussing content available.

Certainly worth a browse.